Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why can’t I sign up for the Frequent Flyer Unlimited Wash Membership online?
A. Our Frequent Flyer Club Membership uses an RFID TAG that must be placed on your windshield and activated by an Express Jet crew member to set up the account in our system. This convenient process takes just minutes and can be done at any Express Jet location!

Q. How do I suspend or cancel my Frequent Flyer Unlimited Wash Membership?
A. To ensure the most accurate and timely changes to your plan, we are happy to assist you! Please contact us at least 7 days before your monthly billing date to cancel or suspend your plan. Please visit the Contact page and provide your name, phone number, email, location you enrolled and a brief description as to why you are canceling or suspending. You can also call the location you set your membership up at or simply stop into the office on your next visit and let us know in person.

Q. How Safe Is The Car Wash?
A. Our wash process is very safe. We wash thousands of cars each month that come out clean, shiny and dry with no damage. Our equipment is the best in the industry and our MicroClean and Neoglide Material is regarded as the best in the industry. We do have some Vehicle Restrictions on what we can and can’t safely wash.

Q. Why don’t you clean the inside?
A. Simply put " CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE ". These days, most of us put a premium on our time, so we focus on giving our customers the highest quality carwash, and greatest service available, in the shortest amount of time possible. For those customers that have time we provide our FREE industrial vacuums , FREE window cleaner, FREE floor mat cleaner and available micro-fiber towels to touch up your cars interior or exterior.

Q. Why won’t your employees accept tips?
A. We feel strongly that anything we do for you at Express Jet is included in the price you pay. While this may be the norm at other car washes, we appreciate the gesture, please don’t be offended if we decline your offer.

Q. Is it safe to wash my vehicle when it's cold outside?
A. Yes, We rarely close. In fact, winter is our busiest time of year. As we all know, water freezes at 32 degrees. Anytime the temperature falls below this you run the risk of things freezing. We do have heaters to help us maintain our equipment which allows us to stay open even with temps in the mid 20's however there may be that rare occasion when we have to delay opening due to extreme temps or wind chill's. As always, please call us or ask one of our crew members about any of your concerns or questions. TIPS FOR WINTER CARE, there are a few simple things you can do to help prevent freezing when it’s cold. First, spray lock deicer in your locks after you exit the wash. Second, put your key in every lock and turn it back and forth a number of times. This helps to displace any water that might be present. Third, take the time to dry off your door jambs.

Q. Do I get a quality wash when you’re really busy?
A. The technology we use allows us to give you the same quality of carwash, regardless of how busy we are.

Q. How much water do you use? Is it environmentally friendly to go to Express Jet?
A. Compared to the average amount of fresh water a person might use when washing his or her vehicle in the drive way with a hose, we only use about 1/4 of that amount of water (100 gallons in the driveway vs 25 gallons at Express Jet). Express Jet’s locations have a PUR-CLEAN water reclamation systems which allow us to filter, clean and re-use some of the water used in our wash process. Used water at all locations runs directly to a unique collection system that filters the water and removes harmful sediments and oil before it reaches local sewers. Providing a clean, dry and shiny car for all of our customers while also trying to do our part to conserve natural resources, such as water, is extremely important to us.